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PMA 2012 presentation and paper online |

PMA 2012 presentation and paper online

PMA “Performance Management: From Strategy to Delivery” 2012 conference was a huge success from maturity models point of view. The keynote presenter Howard Dresner discussed about performance management culture and maturity models, whereas professor Umit Bititci presented a model for performance management and its management practices. Some other presenters also highlighted the importance of maturity models and presented their own work in the area.

I have uploaded my PMA 2012 presentation on SlideShare. You can glance it over below.

My paper “What is your PMI? A Model for Assessing the Maturity of Performance Management in Organizations” can be downloaded here.

PMA2012 takes place in Denmark, in a city of Aarhus from 25-27 Jun, 2014. Hope to see all performance management enthusiastics there as well!

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