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What is PM-Index? |

What is PM-Index?

PM-Index is a model for assessing the maturity of knowledge-based Performance Management in organizations.

PM-Index comprises of Components and Maturity Levels

PMI comprises of nine components that describe the key areas of performance management.

Furthermore, as the organization proceeds through its new performance management initiative, the PMI goes on to categorise the development process into five maturity levels.

The score of organization’s PMI is represented using visual charts and textual descriptions. PMI allows the manager to review performance management from various perspectives.

Please have a look at the sample results.

The process for assessing the maturity of performance management

The process starts with an assessment that gives a rough estimate of an organization’s performance management maturity level. PMI also provides visual and textual feedback of the current maturity level of performance management initiative in the organization.

Once the results have been evaluated, an organization can identify its target state and start building capabilities and taking actions towards achieving the desired maturity level. The well documented maturity model helps the organization to identify what capabilities it should build.

Assessment tool

The assessment is done by using an on-line tool. Once the questions have been answered, the tool immediately presents the results for each component and aggregates the score for the performance management as a whole.

The assessment can be done over and over again. As a result, it is very easy to track the progress towards the target state.

The figure above presents Rongo’s assessment tool that is based on the PM-Index model and framework.


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